BOUGAIN® 6-8-10 Plus Minors

Thank you for making BOUGAIN® the best-selling bougainvillea fertilizer in the country!

disp3Not only is BOUGAIN® formulated to dramatically increase blooms, it addresses the bougainvillea’s Achilles heel – their thin and brittle root system. Ten years of research and testing led to perfecting our specialty plant food that dramatically increases blooms, strengthens roots, increases color vibrancy in both foliage and bracts, and produces an all-over healthy bougainvillea.

We focused on the customer, listening to the issues and challenges of both the weekend gardener and professional landscaper, and met those concerns with this quick-release, easy to use fertilizer that is unmatched in quality and functionality. Moreover, our landscape customers use it when installing bougainvillea, but garden centers love our colorful 2 lb. bags and 10 lb. bags for their retail stores as well.

BOUGAIN® Reviews

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“I have been using BOUGAIN® for the past six months, and find it remarkable. The first time I tried BOUGAIN®, it was like an explosion; I never saw such thick flowers. Even more remarkable was the increased foliage that pushed out with the flowers. Most trees get weakened by flowering, but with BOUGAIN® they get a more balanced diet. I specifically use BOUGAIN® on over half of the Morikami collection.

I had a very weak dying cascade bougainvillea, and since using BOUGAIN®, it has become extremely robust. I think the Serrissa, “thousand stars” tree, has gone to a million stars. I am not exaggerating at all, it is wonderful. That is why I use so much of it, and use it so prodigiously on so many trees.” D. Miller, Volunteer Curator of the Bonsai Exhibit at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, President; Editor of Gulfstream Bonsai Association, Inc. & Gulfstream Journal of Tropical Bonsai.

“The improved results from BOUGAIN® are breath-taking and truly priceless. We purchase BOUGAIN® for every bougainvillea we install because we know our clients will be satisfied each and every time.” K. Aiello, Aiello Landscape

“My customers are hooked on BOUGAIN®. I also use it around my shop, and people are always asking me what I use to keep my bougies blooming.” B. Murphy, Nu Turf Lawn & Garden

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